Contact Centers - Microsoft Lync

Many organizations are already using Microsoft Lync in one capacity or another. Whether it is for Lync’s UC features, call control, conferencing, presence management, or for the enterprise, T-Metrics is able to leverage the inherent capabilities of Lync, enabling a powerful enterprise-wide contact center solution. By leveraging the enterprise, the customer experience dramatically improves through a new dynamic flow of information exchange between the contact center and the rest of the enterprise.

T-Metrics Contact Center and Lync 2013
For organizations where Lync is deployed as the enterprise voice solution, the T-Metrics Contact Center provides them with a powerful multimedia-blended contact center. The T-Metrics Contact Center’s features include: IVR, ACD, Voice, E-Mail, Web and Video Chat, SMS, Social Media, Call/Screen Recording, Screen Pop, and SQL-based Reports. Customers benefit from T-Metrics’ 20+ years of experience at deploying state-of-the-art telephony solutions.

T-Metrics Contact Center, Lync, and Your Legacy PBX
Organizations that have multiple telecommunication platforms, including Microsoft Lync, are able to have a single contact center solution that offers multimedia routing, call/screen recording, and unified reporting. The T-Metrics Contact Center seamlessly integrates with your current switch environment. No telecommunication platform upgrades or agent desktop licenses are required and you can use existing telephones.

T-Metrics also offers organizations an elegant and unique migration strategy when moving from legacy telecommunication platforms to Microsoft Lync. Because T-Metrics can support agents on multiple platforms, even within the same skill set, organizations can migrate in stages. Moving from legacy contact centers to Lync contact centers, and utilizing a universal queue for all call and non-call media channels, has never been easier.

T-Metrics Contact Center, Your Legacy PBX , and Future Lync Plans
Every version of the T-Metrics Agent Module software comes with the ability to integrate with Microsoft Lync. This means that if an organization does not currently have Microsoft Lync deployed today, they will be covered in the future if/when Microsoft Lync is deployed. T-Metrics enables its customers to future-proof their telephony strategies and navigate the telecom landscape more freely through this unique investment protection.

T-Metrics: Qualified Contact Center for Lync
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The Lync ISV qualification program is designed to help ensure that qualified applications meet customer expectations for their business environment. Only products that meet rigorous and extensive testing requirements and conform to specifications and test plans will receive qualification. You can view our application here.