Contact Centers - Video Chat (WebRTC)

Everywhere you look, people are talking about WebRTC and how it will disrupt the industry. We agree and didn’t waste any time building out this technology – its available today!

Your customers want to bring their own device (BYOD) to communicate with your organization. Couple this with the fact that 70-80% of your calls are preceded by a website visit and you have an amazing recipe for communication without ever reaching for a telephone. WebRTC allows each page on your website to be a potential on-ramp directly to the knowledgeable agents in your contact center. It doesn’t stop with websites, WebRTC can be incorporated into email or even custom applications bringing not only voice, but also video calls directly into your organization. And all of this happens natively from the user’s web browser without special plug-ins or 3rd party applications to install.

Key Benefits:
  • WebRTC is available today

  • Utilizes the same universal queue as all other contact channels

  • Multi-tasking across all contact channels

  • Your website now becomes your contact center’s front end (Visual IVR)

  • On-screen courtesy messages

  • Video on hold (VOH) customizes the queue experience

  • Pre-loaded and customizable agent scripts

  • Integrated reporting