Operator Systems - Virtual Consolidation

Many of our customers are large, multi-site organizations who had individual operator rooms at each of their locations. In our current economy, keeping all of the operators at each site can become cost-prohibitive and can complicate call routing, especially when the sites all have different switch and phone types.

Our Consolidated Operator Answering System (COAS) enables multi-site organizations to consolidate Operator resources. Essentially, we make it possible for all of the operator calls across an entire organization to be answered from a single, consolidated location.

This is a seamless process made simple with:

  • Multiple databases accessible by all operators, automatically opened depending on the originating site of the call

  • Customized greeting files, so the operator automatically greets caller as though they were the originating site

The COAS solution coordinates call routing to Operators in a manner that meets the needs of the entire organization, while providing each Operator with location flexibility through PC Console endpoints.

The COAS is incredibly versatile, being able to integrate with:

  • Multiple switch types

  • Multiple phone types

  • Multiple databases and database types

  • Multi-site HL7 systems

The result is a streamlined, highly productive and effective Operator services team. And, all this can be achieved in a mixed-vendor switch environment. The innovative COAS removes the barriers between dissimilar telecommunication platforms and provides complete call routing control across your multi-site organization.