Operator Systems - Add-Ons

Our Operator Systems are one of our most customizeable products. We are constantly looking out for ways to improve our software to fit our customers` needs, and we`re pleased to offer a growing list of add-ons, including:

On-Call Scheduler
T-Metrics products focus on connecting your customers with the correct person every time they reach out to your organization. The T-Metrics On Call Scheduler extends that goal by simplifying the creation and maintenance of On Call Schedules and integrating that contact data with our PC Console so Operators always reach the correct person at any time of day.

SNPP Paging Applications
Operators require the ability to page any number of groups or individuals from their positions. T-Metrics integration between the Operator PC Console data and its Paging Module ensures timely communications and documentation of paging activities. Through T-Metrics’ communication status Window, result details, follow-up reminders, and Contact Log, T-Metrics automatically tracks pages from beginning to end.

Contact Log
To meet and exceed service level requirements, Hospital Operators and Supervisors require detailed information about the steps Operators take to satisfy caller needs. The T-Metrics Contact Log is a real-time view of issued overhead pages and pages to pagers and smartphones. Once a page is issued, detailed information is logged and timed reminders are set to prompt Operators to follow up to pages and ascertain if the appropriate response had been received.

And many more to come! Let us know what you`re looking for!