PCI Solutions - Payment Module

The popularity of credit and debit transactions has redefined how we do business in recent decades. As credit use continues to rise, unfortunately so does identify fraud. In 2011 in the United States alone, there were 11.6 million instances of stolen identity. All companies must address the challenges of PCI consumer protection, and we take pride in our PCI Payment Module solution that places the utmost importance on the card-holder’s privacy, ensuring all their transactions are quick and worry-free.

The T-Metrics PCI Payment Module provides you with a comprehensive solution for processing all of your credit requests, payments and refunds. The PCI Payment Module will allow your Agents to serve your customers at the highest possible level, while removing their access to the sensitive credit card data. By recording the call and the screen in their entirety, organizations can ensure they are providing their customers with a high level of customer service in a secure environment.

But it’s not just about ease of use; it’s also about peace of mind. Callers are providing sensitive financial information, and they want to know that their information is secure and confidential. The T-Metrics PCI Payment Module gives the caller total control of their information, from the beginning of the call to the moment they hang up the line. No unauthorized party in your organization will have access to financial information at any point, and no information is saved or stored. Your clients can make payments with the utmost confidence in their privacy.

Key Benefits:
  • Minimize the scope of PCI DSS

  • Reduce the risk of a key compromise

  • Maintain privacy

  • Security

  • Easy for the caller

  • Easy for the Agent

  • Requires minimal training