Contact Centers - Social Media

Today, customers have adopted a social way of communicating and this has transformed the public relations landscape in a way that few companies expected. Social media has magnified the power of the consumer in such a way that they now have considerable sway over the public opinion of a company. The T-Metrics Social Media Suite allows you to turn a potentially bad PR situation into a glowing testimonial of excellent customer service while providing insight into the public opinion of your organization.

Key Benefits:
  • Utilizes the same universal queue as all other contact channels

  • Multi-tasking across all contact channels

  • Supports Facebook status updates, direct messages, and comments

  • Supports Twitter keywords, hashtags, and mentions

  • Integrated reporting

Key Benefits:
Imagine that a customer is dissatisfied with the service your company is providing and decides to vent their frustration on Twitter. The T-Metrics Social Media Suite picks up this conversation and routes it to an agent who quickly responds and resolves the issue. What was once a public declaration of discontent has become a public testimonial of the concern your company has for its customers.