Operator Systems - Stand Alone Consoles

In a call center environment, every second counts. Every delay prolongs your queue time, upsets your callers, and places additional stress on your operators. Your team needs to route calls, retrieve vital data, and maintain accountability - all with a bird’s eye view over the entire operation.

The T-Metrics Console enables your operators to perform their daily tasks more quickly and efficiently than they ever could before. Operators can quickly search through several databases with just a few keystrokes, set hotkeys for easier access, pre-record greeting messages to ensure quality assurance, and easily monitor the status of the call queue. Our consoles provided flexibility without complication: it’s easy for staff to learn, and callers confused by long menu options can press 0 at any time to speak with a live operator.

T-Metrics recognizes that each organization is different, and strives to ensure that the Console is as versatile as it is vital, capable of working in a wide variety of networks.

Key Benefits

  • Works with almost any phone systems

  • Enhanced DTMF dialing

  • Call recordings

  • PC Automated call functions: answer, transfer, dialing, etc.

  • Information directory allows operators to save and access additional information

  • Complete call logs

  • At-a-glance queue stats

  • Access to shared databases

  • Recorded greeting files