Contact Centers - Hearts Apart & Morale Calls

T-Metrics has been a partner with our US Armed Forces for more than 15 years. Keeping our deployed men and women in contact with their loved ones at home is very important for morale. The current systems in place, however, require the service member to follow a complicated process that involves calling an on-base operator and having the operator conference in their loved one. This can be awkward for the callers, as the operator must stay on the line during the conversation to track call length, and doesn’t afford any privacy for the callers. This also ties up one of a limited number of base operator lines until the call ends.

Our T-Metrics Hearts Apart & Morale Call System allows state-side bases to assign PINs to members and their loved ones, so that they can call directly into the automated system, enter their PIN, and be free to call their loved ones without being monitored by an operator.

The call is monitored by the system and will automatically disconnect when a custom threshold has been exceeded. A predetermined warning (set by the base or Command) will automatically be provided to the caller indicating the call will end. The system also provides reports showing how many calls are made through the base.

Features of the system:

  • Automated server-based call monitoring

  • Call threshold warning announcements for callers near their site-determined limits

  • Call Reports system for administrators to track system usage

  • In addition to Hearts Apart and Morale Calls, the system optionally supports Official Calls

  • User-friendly PIN assignment system (usually maintained by site Family Support and Readiness Center)

Benefits to your site:

  • Automated system provides privacy for callers, while also monitoring call lengths

  • Automated cut-off on calls exceeding site-determined lengths, eliminating “human error” and misuse of the system

  • Call reports eliminate the need for operators to track and document calls

  • PIN assignment system can be loaded on any domain PC, allowing multiple users to assign PINs as needed