Contact Centers - Softphone & Mobile Devices

The explosive rise in mobile technology has changed how many of us live our day-to-day lives. And while many call centers prepare themselves for the mobile customer, what are you doing to prepare your agents and supervisors to become a mobile business force?

The work place is changing, and as with all change, adaptability is the key to staying ahead. Inclement weather, traveling staff, work-at-home employees: these can all present challenges to maintaining a cohesive and nimble team. We here at T-Metrics are cognizant of these challenges, and are proud to offer an array of tools with which to tackle them.

We have several VoIP solutions which allow Agents and Supervisors alike to perform all of their duties from their home PCs. T-Metrics also offers a mobile client for you Android smartphone or tablet, from which you can take ACD calls, instant message, process routed emails, web-chats, social media, and SMS. Managers may receive queue stats, and supervise agents real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility

  • Fully compatible with T-Metrics ACD system

  • Does not require proprietary hardware