Contact Centers - Workforce Management

Did you know that operator salary represents an average of 70% of contact center operating costs? No wonder Workforce Management is such an important aspect of contact center operations! The value of your contact center is directly related its efficiency, and accountability will not only increase this efficiency, but also the quality of your workforce.

When employees are held accountable for the quality and efficiency of their customer service, you achieve true customer satisfaction!

Callers value:

  • Speed of response

  • Competence of Agents

  • General friendliness of Agents

  • Quick and efficient resolution of their issue

As a Supervisor, your challenge is to quantify the quality of your Agents. Speed of response and resolution are easy to calculate, but how do you turn “competence and friendliness” into useable metrics?

T-Metrics Scorecard is a user-friendly, fully integrated, and fully customizable solution that allows Supervisors to review Agents’ call audio and video screen capture, and assign ratings based upon site-defined criteria, such as:

  • Did the Agent follow the proper greeting script?

  • Did the Agent seem to understand the caller’s issues, or if not, make an effort to clarify?

  • If the caller became agitated, did the Agent respond appropriately?

  • Did the Agent suggest additional solutions, or make an effort to educate the caller about our services?

  • From 1-5, how satisfied did the caller seem at the end of the call?

The Supervisor-assigned ratings for each call are calculated to produce a “score” for the call. The scores can then be exported in the T-Metrics SSRS Reports Package, which allows Supervisors to view metrics on virtually every aspect of the contact center, including hold times, call reasoning, Agent availability times, and division of workload.

While the Scorecard and Reports may make the Agents accountable to you as a Supervisor, the most effective tool in the quality and efficiency of a contact center is accountability to fellow coworkers. The T-Metrics Wallboard module can used to display real-time metrics on a site-provided screen visible to all Agents. This visibility of side-by-side comparisons has been shown to inspire competition among Agents, and leads to increased morale, as well as improvement in call quality and customer satisfaction.