Contact Centers - Call Recordings

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated. It is how you retain your existing customer base, how you can spread your brand by word-of-mouth, how you know where and how to improve your organization. When a client calls your call center, that experience is often the only interaction they will have with your organization. That call may represent the entirety of what you are for that client.

To ensure you are making the best impression possible, you need complete oversight over the call experience. T-Metrics Call Recordings gives you that oversight. You can have each and every call that comes into your system recorded and stored. Calls are recorded seamlessly, working in the background, without any additional action needed on part of the agent, and uploaded to a directory of your choosing. Whether you need audio only recordings or audio paired with video recordings of your agents’ desktop, T-Metrics has a solution that works in tandem with the ACD Agent Module.

Not only do recordings allow you to meet your quality assurance needs, they also provide additional security. Never will management have to worry about a “he said/she said” scenario, or whether an agent or a client divulged sensitive data. The recordings provide you a tremendous level of control. Call recordings can be retrieved manually, or through our Scorecard program, which allows supervisors to audit and rate calls using site-defined tests.

Key Benefits:
  • Oversight

  • Security

  • Seamless integration with the ACD Agent Module

  • Audio and Video recordings