Contact Centers - Customer Survey

Are your top performing agents the same as those providing the highest level of customer satisfaction?

One of the most effective ways to capture the voice of the customer and gauge their genuine experience is through an interactive post call survey. If you are only measuring quality through call recordings and traditional metrics, you are likely missing a key component of the evaluation process – the caller’s experience.

It must be blind, it must be immediate!

In order to truly measure customer satisfaction, the process must be blind (up to the system, not the agent) and it must be offered immediately after the call. Studies show that when there is a lag between the initial contact and the request for feedback, there are often low or no responses at all. Additionally, a timely offer provides the caller with an immediate opportunity to provide feedback, while the interaction is still fresh.

Key Benefits:
  • Moves beyond the key performance indicators (KPIs) to look at the experience of the caller.

  • Surveys are offered based on a percentage of calls that managers set, rather than manual processes which involve human resources that risk potentially unreliable results.

  • Immediate offers yield the greatest participation and illicit the most honest feedback (while the interaction is still fresh).

  • The caller has a seamless experience, as there is no delay or transfer between systems.

  • Web based administration allows you to control the script, survey questions, frequency of survey offers, and even the hours the survey is offered, so you don’t tie up valuable ports during high-volume times.

  • Integrated metrics with all of your other T-Metrics contact points!